The Plateau of Faith I Have in Myself, To Heal Myself

As I was surfing the web one day, I saw this message that said; “URGENT DIABETES HEALTH BULLETIN.”

“An Important Message for Diabetics.”

Knowing of family members with diabetes, and having spoken to many others over the years, I gave it my undivided attention.

So I begin to read it. Even though I am not a diabetic, I have talked to dozens of people who were.

One of my previous jobs was that of a Para-transit driver. Such a job entails – driving people to and from hospitals and clinics. Taking people to dialysis clinics etc. And when I tell you these people talk, I mean these people talk.

The job also included helping people who cannot walk too well, and people who were wheelchair-bound. Driving people who were blind or visually impaired. And by the way, I struck up some of the most interesting conversations with people who were totally blind. We also drove people to work who cannot use public transportation for various physical or mental reasons.

And with that said, not only did we drive people with various physical disabilities – we drove our share of men and women, boys and girls with serious mental issues also.

It might seem like a very pleasant job, however the contrary is true. It was a very high stress job, with a tight time schedule and highly aggravated and angry people because we were constantly late and they had appointments.

Only about 10% remained quiet and have very little to say. The other 80 to 90% will begin to tell you about their conditions without you even asking. I am sad to say, over those four years as a Para-transit driver I met hundreds of people who wallow in self-pity.

Then there were those who were bright, lively and energetic. And believe me, there were very few.

I often had flashbacks of many years earlier when I myself was in the hospital. I remember suffering severe pain for over 36 hours before they found out what was wrong with me.

After asking the nurse; – “Why can’t you give me something for the pain?”

She responded with; – “We cannot give you anything for the pain.

Why not? I replied;… “Because if we do – then you can’t tell us where the pain is.”

Now to me this did make sense, but when you’re in severe pain – you don’t want to hear that. After learning what was wrong with me, the doctors informed me they had to operate first thing in the morning. I do not wish to state what was wrong with me here, because it is unrelated to diabetes. But I will state – it was definitely a life-threatening situation.

The doctors wanted to remove one of the small organs from my body. Omitting some of the more graphic details – they informed me that I don’t really need it.

I thought for a moment, then I responded with – “I cannot accept that,… because if it was not needed, The Creator would not have put it in there in the first place.”

You should have seen the looks on all of the Doctors faces.

They knew then they were dealing with a man of extreme faith.

Needless to say, that evening I went through one of the most spiritual enlightening transitions of my life.

I decided – these people are not going to operate on me.

I called the nurse to my bedside. When she finally came,

I asked her to; – Please remove this IV from my arm.”

She said; – “I cannot without the Doctors permission.”

I responded with – “So called the doctor.”

20 or 30 minutes later she informed me that she could not get in touch with the doctor.

Apparently, (in my opinion) she had informed the doctor that I was trying to, or was about to leave, and the doctor told her – try to keep him and get him to stay.

So, I decided to remove the IV from my arm myself. I did not remember to put a cotton over the spot where the needle enters the vain. So I took a deep breath, and just snatched the needle from my arm – squirting blood like a water gun.

I recall another patient in my room laughing out loud and saying – “Oh my God, He’s going crazy.” That was the funniest part of my whole hospital stay.

With watery eyes, and scared half to death – I called my wife and said; “Come and get me.”

She said; – “Are You Sure?”

I replied; – “I’m positive.”

Then I called my mother and ask her to go to the herbal shop (which was near her house) and buy me some herbs and bring them to me.

My mother knew I was suppose to be in the hospital.

So her response was; – “Boy, what are you doing?”

I replied; “Mother!… come on, I don’t have time to explain.”

I could hear her rushing, and bumping around and getting ready,… and she was no spring chicken.

When my wife and I walked out of that hospital that evening, one nurse said to the others – “Don’t worry, he’ll be back.” That was over 20 years ago, and I haven’t been back since.

When we got home my mother was there soon after with the herbs I had requested.

I made up a concoction with one of the most disgusting tastes you could imagine. It took me about 20 minutes to drank this mess and get it down. But if it was going to save my life, I really didn’t have any choice in the matter.

I had already read a book with the various natural cures for many different serious ailments. I believe our Creator has a natural cure for every medical condition we have. Only it’s up to us to learn about it and find it.

I Will Trust Natural Cures Over Pharmaceutical Products Any Day.

Did you know you cannot put a patent on a natural product? That’s why they take everything natural and turn it into a little white pill – so they can put a patent on it.

That’s how the pharmaceutical manufacturers make their Billions. $$$

What truly frighten me about pharmaceutical products is – they have a tendency to make medications addictive (if you want to call it that). What I mean is once you start taking them, you just can’t stop. Your body would have a very negative side effect or negative reaction altogether. Your doctor has to wean you off of it, by giving you a smaller dosage or a totally different medication altogether.

Now that’s a very scary thought. Meanwhile, you are still on medications.

Once I found out what my physical problem was, I took it upon myself to heal myself. As foolish as it may seem to some of you, (especially when my life was at stake) – I had the nerve, and the audacity to walk out of that hospital that evening and go home and proceed to heal myself.

God is my witness this is a true story.

This was the plateau of the faith I have in the ability to heal myself.

Healing myself took about four or five hours, yet I was in the hospital for five days and all they could think of to do was to cut. They like to operate you know, because that way they can add tens of thousands of dollars to the bill.

Oh yes, there is no question – They Do Save Lives, especially in an emergency.

Now this is totally unrelated, but I have also read an article from very reliable sources, stating that hospitals perform over 250,000 unnecessary hysterectomies on young women. Facts like that make me sick one the stomach, knowing it’s all because of the dollar bill.

I personally think all hospitalization should be free in this country, as it is in some other countries. I keep having flashbacks from the movie “Sicko,” exposing some of the ugly truths of hospitals.

But for all the people who are sick, and just accept the sickness that they have, and make little or no effort to read all they can about their sickness and make no attempt to heal themselves, they will be taken for a ride. A very long ride, and it could last for years.

Speaking of which – I was talking to another passenger, who was telling me that when her father got sick (before he died) it caused them to lose their house and suffer financial burdens because of a $75,000 hospital bill. A situation she explained that almost tore her family apart. Oh, did I mention – she said he was only in the hospital for three days.

I’m telling you that places all about money. Had another thought about a limousine driver friend of mine – who was suffering financially because he was getting his paycheck garnisheed because of an unpaid hospital bill.

Recently my VA Doctor prescribed five medications for me. Among which was serious medicines like that which is use for high blood pressure, and to control high cholesterol. Much to my surprise those important medications were inexpensive. But the one that startled me was the baby Aspirin. Would you believe, the baby Aspirin cost $17.00?

In the Dollar Store, Baby Aspirin cost exactly that – $1.00… Now that’s what I call – “Totally Amazing!”

Oh, here’s a good one. Once while visiting the most fun place in the world to go – (my dentist)… getting a tooth extracted.

He said to me; – “I want you to try a new painkillers.”

I said; – “Okay, how much does it cost?”

He replied; – “That’s the thing, it’s expensive. Very expensive.”

I then asked; – “How expensive is very expensive?”

He replied; – “About $70.”

I then took a deep swallow, (gump) and…

I said; – “Okay write it.”

I went immediately to the nearest pharmacy with his prescription in hand.

After waiting about 20 minutes, they inform me my prescription was ready.

The nice pharmacists looked at me and said; “That will be $90 please.”

After a few moments of being in a daze, I could hear him saying;

“Sir!… Sir!… Sir, there’s people waiting behind you.”

After regaining consciousness,… I paid the man.

The instructions read – “Take One Per Day If Needed”… and that’s not the fun part. There was only seven pills in the bottle. Now I was really laughing,… (to keep from crying).

Listen to me folks,… Perhaps you can hear me screaming from my windows…

“I’m Mad As Hell, And I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore.”

Learn All You Can and Heal Yourself.

And remember – This Is Not Medical Advice.

This is – Wake Up and Smell The Coffee Advice.

Now, if you or I were to see an article from – “The Doctors of The International Council For The Truth In Medicine,” – that’s easy to verify.

If they say “A Breakthrough In Diabetes Has Been Achieved,”…

I am personally more apt to believe them, then I would a doctor in the hospital.

Why?… Because if there is a breakthrough or a new discovery, you can be sure the hospital will be the last one to use it. And they may or may not even inform you at all.

The last time I had a physical exam, I had a big smile on my face. The Doctor ask me why I was so happy. What the Doctor didn’t know was – I was trying to keep from laughing at those simplified procedures. It’s almost shameful. All the money they make by performing such simple medical procedures.

I have always believed, there is a cure-all for every disease – only man does not know all of them yet. And after speaking with hundreds of people, I’ve learned that most people believe – even if the cure for cancer was discovered, this new information with most likely be suppressed.

Perhaps you agree,… Perhaps you disagree. Perhaps this angers you,… Perhaps this enlightens you.

Meanwhile you have a problem that you wish would just go away, it’s highly unlikely that’s going to happen.

Let’s not just sit around and wait for someone else to find a cure for whatever ails us.

If you have diabetes, pre-diabetes, or know someone with these conditions…

Learn All The Important Fact Filled Details. Learn how to verify what is factual, and what is an opinion.

Make this a new mission in your life.

Have Faith, You Can Find A Way To Heal Yourself.

Let’s not just sit around and wait for someone else to find a cure for whatever ails us.

Let’s make this a life-long mission. Start here!… Right now!

What is more important, you taken the time to watch a 30- minute video that could possibly show you how to cure yourself,… or you watching television, all afternoon and all evening – one dumb show after the next?

Or perhaps those silly sitcoms with automated (controlled) laughter, and all about The Lives of The Rich and Famous.

Let’s make this a life-long mission. Start here!… Right now!